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Company Profile

Ark Health is one of Australia's leading dental companies, it possesses a large wealth of experience and knowledge in the Dental Care sector. They are a recognised brand and pride themselves on delivering a broad range of dental consumables to the market.

Ark Health required a website that would deliver a streamlined ordering process which would meet the needs of their current business model and customer base of dental professionals. In addition, they required a complete custom integration that would seamlessly assimilate with all components of their SAPb1 ERP system.

The solution was a website that provided their dental professional customer base with a seamless and intuitive ordering experience. This included customised features that optimised the wholesale nature of their ordering process. Through an adaptive merchandising feature which personalises sections of the site dependent on the dental professionals specialisation, the user experiences a �personal touch� relevant to their specialisation. This optimises sales conversion and the information displayed is both targeted and relevant to the user.
This website included features such as:

  • Full integration with SAPb1 ERP
  • Customer Account Activation
  • Login to buy
  • Quick Find Application
  • Multiple Shopping Lists
  • Loyalty and Rewards
  • Store Credit
  • Mobile Theme
  • Timed offers and Events
  • Featured Products
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